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Cosmetics Industry

SFEP is committed to providing a package of solutions for Cosmetics Industry:

Cosmetics and personal care products matching sales recommendation:

  1. Japan Negami ------------------------------------------------------ floss powder and UV resin
  2. Wacker-------------------------------------------- Gas phase silica & special modified silicone oil
  3. American Kraton--------------------------- thermoplastic elastomer SIS, SEBS
  4. American Penn Color---------------------- color pulp, color film (NC, water, UV system)
  5. JVP---------------------------------------------- polyvinyl alcohol in Japan
  6. American PolyChem------------------------------------------------ antibacterial agent (zinc ion and silver ion system)
  7. German ShinEtsu Thales China cellulose ether
  8. TOSOH ----------------------------------------------------- extinction powder
  9. Swiss Aogannike Organic-------------------------------- / bamboo leaves extract

Japan's East Asian synthetic water forming agent, Japanese Oriental yeast with placental effect of plant fermentation essence,Oxiteno modified rheological additives in Brazil

To be continued......

KRATON® polymers applies in Cosmetics Industry

Property and Advantage

KRATON polymers is one kind of high-performance polymers, which can increase the usage range and the performance of terminal products. These advantages can stand out by the means of strictly controlling molecular structure and developing specific technologyThe properties of the compounds containing KRATON polymers can be listed as follows:

l   high hardness and elasticity

l   durability

l   transparency and dying property

l   soft handling and excellent dry/wet handling

l   the range of using temperature is wide

l   good electric property

· l   can be used in vapor, ethylene oxide, y/β-ray sterilization

l   degradation of oxygen, ozone and ultraviolet radiation

General Application:


In cosmetics, KRATON polymers can substitute for original microcrystalline wax, oil resin and other

oil-contented resins.

In contrast: better oil blendingbetter fluid feelingtransparent effectbetter film formationno

reel silkreduced cost

Personal Care Product

In personal care area, customers can modify the production oil of skin care, hair care and nail cosmetics by using KRATON polymers.

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