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China International Coatings Show (Chinacoat) is China and Asia's most influential paint exhibition. Not only the world many well-known paint raw materials manufacturers have exhibitors, all in China, Asia and the world's paint manufacturers have also come here to visit and purchase raw materials. It should be said that Chinacoat has set up a platform for raw material suppliers to showcase new products and new applications. It also enables paint manufacturers to communicate directly with raw material suppliers, understand new products and new applications, and promote the development of the coatings industry in China. SFEP has been participating in Chinacoat since 2005 and has participated in 4 sessions this year. From our Chinacoat road, we can not only see the development of SFEP in the coating industry, but also the development of the entire paint industry in China.

2005 is the first time we participated in Chinacoat, so we used the slogan of SFEP at the time. This powder "end" debut, both the significance of the stage; and because our flagship product, whether it is extinction powder, glass powder or fumed silica are all white powder. 2005 Chinacoat, is also our first time and suppliers Japan Tosoh SILICA Co., Ltd. joint exhibition.

2005 is the rapid growth of the coatings industry in China. The output of paint exceeded 4 million tons for the first time. Paint varieties are also more diverse, consumers are getting higher and higher quality coatings. Well-known foreign paint manufacturers have also set up factories in China to seize the Chinese market.

Chinacoat 2005, SFEP Power's debut on the great success. We not only collected more than 400 copies of customer information, but also to customers the image of SFEP, but also enhance the confidence of suppliers for us.

Chinacoat in 2005 greatly boosted our development in the coatings industry and the sales volume of our various products continued to grow. If the first time exhibitors, our colleagues are still some Sentimental words, then the second exhibitors, we have been ease. This time, our slogan is to explore powder without limits. As we have seen the development of the paint industry in China, we will continue to provide better paint additives to domestic coatings clients.

In 2006, China's paint production achieved an astonishing increase, total output exceeded 5 million tons mark, reaching 5.0784 million tons, an increase of 25.6%. In 2007, coatings in China continued to grow. Although the increase was still double-digit, the rate of decline slowed to a total of 5,972,800 tons, an increase of 12.9% over the same period of last year.

In this market environment, the enthusiasm of customers visiting Chinacoat is also unprecedented. At this exhibition, we have introduced new products such as hollow glass beads and high-performance organic pigments, and received positive feedback from customers. We have collected more than 650 copies of customer information. In enhancing the company's image at the same time, they continue to open up new customers and new applications.

The global financial crisis that started to spread at the end of 2008 is inevitably affected by the paint industry in China. However, into the second half of 2009, the Chinese coatings industry reaped a series of good news: First, the State Council executive meeting approved the revitalization of the top ten industries for the development of coatings industry opportunities, and then the property market pick up, home appliances to the countryside, cars to the countryside supporting industries The strong stimulation, architectural coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, automotive coatings, etc. have risen sharply. But in the meantime, labor costs, safety, environmental costs, and uncertainties caused by market volatility have also put coatings companies under pressure.

2009 is a year in which both risks and opportunities coexist. In such a market environment, Shanghai Foreign Power is still increasing investment in the coatings industry, Chinacoat's booth area is even up to 36m2. In this exhibition, we also introduced 3M new products such as Teflon powder, bone carbon black, thermal expansion microspheres, etc. to further enrich our product range, which can be complemented by customer service. At the same time we also set up a branch in Qingdao, Shandong and Henan can be the nearest customer service.

Crisis is hidden in danger. Shanghai Foreign Electricity is constantly looking for changes in the market opportunities for their own. At Chinacoat 2009, foreign customers, with their professionalism and intentions, won more customer accolades and harvested nearly 900 customer information. This is the customer's trust in us, but also the rewards of foreign workers. We are always convinced that there is no saturated market, only saturated thoughts.

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