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China Plastics Industry Leaders Summit

SFEP: Construction of corporate culture adhere to the values

2014 China Plastics Industry Leaders Summit was held on October 30 at the Hilton Shanghai Hongqiao Hotel. Mr. Chen Ruibin, President of GIC International, took part in the company's related business departments throughout the entire process and took the stage in the roundtable discussion with several other entrepreneurs Participated in the discussion on the theme of "how enterprises can be bigger and stronger and how to be beautiful" and gave wonderful speeches and unique insights. After the conference, at the welcome dinner hosted by the organizer, the international team of Foreign Electricity made further exchanges with the guests present at the scene. While promoting the international power groups, it also gained a lot of valuable industry trends and industries information.

Chen Ruibin: Good afternoon, everyone! I am Chen Ruibin from SFEP. Today is a good topic, business aesthetics, I think everyone will have the beauty of heart. The views of the United States on each person are different, some people say that the inner beauty, some say that the outer beauty is more important. Our government advocates material civilization and spiritual civilization. I can not judge the standard of beauty. More than 30 years ago a writer in Taiwan wrote a book called "The Ugly Chinese." That book caused an uproar in the entire Chinese community. Of course, I have also read that there are ugly Americans and ugly Japanese people. This is not a serious problem, but it is something that Chinese should think about as a member of the Chinese nation and how to make the inferiority of their own nation play down. Let the nation's avant-garde side enhanced. I believe that the Chinese nation, or the People's Republic of China or the future development of the future must be. As for the aesthetics I have just said, I just want to say that it must not be impetuous and utilitarian about the United States. It must not resort to shortcuts and unscrupulous measures. It must not rely solely on price competition. It must not be a lack of honesty and morality. It must not be a loss of future generations. Environment for the price.

Host : I think Mr. Chen always ask you to talk about SFEP employees and corporate values of concern. The second talk about the beauty of foreign service, how to serve customers and provide customers with more added value.

Chen Ruibin: SFEP started from foreign trade. To the sixteenth year of this year, we have broken away from the most basic trade link, that is, the so-called buying and selling, usually called "moving bricks" in East China. In the process of buying and selling, we give more value added to our products. This is also the shape of our vision for the past 5 years. We want to build foreign trade into special refinement area, and solve the platform from the inventory, logistics, information, sharing and value-added. Some people say the plan is too far away. There is no doubt that since you have set a vision, it must not be an overnight vision. Electricity is also very clear, though we have 16 years, but we are clear from our real hundred years, we must be based on the present and do everything well. It also includes the building team that the host has just talked about, for example, our cultural construction. This piece can be said that over the past five years it has been strengthened. Because there is an idea that all of us are ordinary people. But we all get together and do something uncommon, and each of us is an ordinary person. But we get together to do extraordinary things, and because of this, we tell every colleague that you must know your position, you have to know who you are. If you think you are a superhero, maybe you are not very suitable for SFEP, because SFEP is a group of ordinary people who do things that are not ordinary. So we also want every colleague to join the power to realize our fundamental cultural differences. Because I noticed that some sales enterprises are positioned as long as salesmen sell well, and all other bosses or CEOs will not mind you, as long as you take orders. As for Wang, defeat Curtis. Outside power is not the case, we have a unique assessment, all of the sales staff we will do an attitude assessment. A lot of people look at me in a strange way and say, "what do you do with the sales staff? Just take the order." This is related to our core values. We know very well that when some of them are strong in sales, but they don't care much about teamwork, then their mentality is pretty bad. He got behind the very high bonuses, the boss still scold scold, and we called the lone wolf. He has a strong ability, but he does not contribute to the company. This may be helpful for sales in the short term, but in the long run it is a waste of the future of the business. So for such a lone wolf, we usually say sorry, electricity is not suitable for your development. SFEP 15 years to do so, although we do very hard, take a lot of twists and turns, but we firmly believe that as long as a little to realize commercial aesthetics, an enterprise must have its own core values, the values must be carried out, so that each staff think this value is correct, reasonable, is the United States, then this value will be extended, being implemented. Otherwise he might have walked out, it must be outside the SFEP future, its definition is commercial aesthetics.

Chen Ruibin: the dream is still a little far away. SFEP is still hoping to start from now. One thing that is very clear is positioning. What we do is fine chemicals called small materials. Our position on our own is a supporting role, and at the same time we have a clear desire for sustainable development, and we hope to be sustainable. So I explain from two angles, one is from the point of view of the national laws and regulations, including the safety regulations, which are in line with the national security regulations. At the same time, we will also create things that are constantly creating to ensure that what you serve is a sunrise industry with more prospects in the future. This is what we believe is sustainable development. Of course, what we also think is quite important is that when we compete with our competitors in the process of PK, we emphasize more about service creation, rather than simply price competition. The second point I want to talk about is sustainable management and service surpassing. Third I have just talked about the importance of the team, and I think this is a team with innovation. Because the external power has a purpose, the foreign power is the main education, and the chemical industry. Just now, all the old men talked about their view of talent, which is quite reasonable. The understanding of SFEP is to train our employees to go up naturally. So for us, the first thing is to help our employees grow. So we are the main educating people and the chemical industry. The last thing I want to mention is that the spirit here is enriched. In the past few years, a general manager of a company was so large that he couldn't keep his most important life at last. Maybe it was not enough in spirit. So I think this is also a share of all the people here, and my understanding is that the spiritual enrichment of everyone is crucial. This is also the same for our company, team building level and employees. We need material, but we don't talk about substance first. We talk about spiritual level. Only the spiritual enrichment, we can go to the future together. So our last word is to remark the future of the aisle, and to be in the right way. The first is the government's encouragement and development, and the state must be encouraged. The second path is to share with all of you here. No matter whether the entrepreneur or the employee is in the seat, the right path is the right way. You have to be a good person and enjoy the elite, when you are full of energy.

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